A London care agency that feels like family

Delivering compassionate care in London and Essex
As a well-respected care provider in London and Essex, we’re dedicated to providing safe, caring, effective and responsive care. But more than that, every member of our team makes it their mission to go the extra mile for their service users.

The secret of our success

Our ability to deliver exceptional care comes from our commitment to make our staff feel valued, supported and fully equipped to meet the demands of their incredibly important work.


In practice, this means providing ongoing training, having an open door policy so carers can drop in to discuss concerns anytime and always being at the end of a phone, day or night, to offer support and advice. It’s what empowers our team to raise the quality of life of their service users and make them feel a part of our extended family.


But don’t take our word for it. Hear what our team have to say about working for Lodge Group Care in the videos below:

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So how did we get here?

Lodge Group Care was founded by our Managing Director John Timbs in 2007. It began with residential care for children with learning disabilities. This later expanded to provide a similarly nurturing environment for adults with learning disabilities, followed by domiciliary home care services for the elderly.


Every step of the way, John ensured the same dedication for excellence and compassion was maintained, alongside the family feel of Lodge Group Care. Every team member, from our carers and support workers to our cleaners and office staff, are made to feel important.

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