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Training it is an important part of our company. We understand that more training for social care staff can lead to better outcomes for service users. Lodge group provides to all staff with all the mandatory trainings and specialist training to improve our staff daily practice. The trainings provide them with tools, knowledge and skills which always benefit their contact with service users and support- guide their professional career to the direction today is social care is driven to which is based on outcomes.

Outcomes based practice is the key to ensure the time journey of our service users and it is an indicator that our commissioners use to reassure their decisions about why they have purchased our services.

We are developing an inside training department which currently counts with a pool of trainers who are able to in-house train our staff in the following areas as when required:

  1. Manual and handling of people training
  2. Introduction to Autism training
  3. Play time training in Autism training
  4. Care principle training
  5. Dementia training
  6. Breakaway techniques training
  7. Induction care training
  8. Medication training
  9. Adult and children safeguarding training.

We have discovered that having on-site trainers help our staff to develop skills as they required giving a quick answer to training issues which are spotted by the service manager. The training department is able to provide as many trainings as needed in a year making it very cost-effective for the company.

Our trainers are well experienced staff in the field and realised that some training providers are not responding necessarily to specific issues which are part of the day to day work of our staff. Our training department is responding very well to these issues as all training packages are tailored to the needs of our services, services users and staff teams.

External Training

Information on it’s way soon…